Can’t make it to Italy this Year? Italy is Coming to You

Can’t make it to Italy this Year? Italy is Coming to You

In a time of financial crisis in Europe, Italy has shown that they are still standing strong. In fact, The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to declare 2013 The Year of Italian Culture in the US. This means that all year, Italy will be hosting events across the United States showcasing Italian culture. Collections of priceless art will be on display across the country, top Italian officials, scientists, and doctors will be giving lectures, and the relationship between the US and Italy throughout history will be examined.

An incredible number of events are being held all over the country. Hundreds of years’ worth of Italian art will be on display, including pieces such as Apollo by Michelangelo (a work of art only ever seen in the United States once before as a gift to America for post-war efforts). At the Oklahoma Museum of Arts, 500 years of Italian art will be displayed, allowing guests to observe the evolution of art in a collection usually only viewable at the world-famous Glasgow museum.

Italians aren’t the only ones showcasing their culture. Many American groups will be hosting events such as concerts, ballets, and plays in honor of Italian culture this year. The Chicago Opera Theater will be performing “Joan of Arc” in celebration of Verdi’s 200th anniversary. In October, Los Angeles will play host to “Hitweek” and welcome some of the greatest contemporary Italian artists. Another exciting event in LA is the homage to Italian musical Oscars in which The Orchestra Italiana del Cinema will perform a tribute to Italian films that have been awarded an Oscar.

Many Italian brands and designers will also be making an appearance this year in America. Lamborghini already celebrated their 50th anniversary in Miami with the announcement and launch of a brand new model. In Los Angeles an exhibit dedicated to legendary designer and architect Gio Ponti entitled “Living ‘alla Ponti’ Gio Ponti Lifestyle” is being displayed though the end of October. In Washington D.C., The Chamber of Engineers of Rome and the Chamber of Architects of Rome are hosting an exhibition of Italian architectural-engineering projects from around the world.

When speaking of Italy one can hardly make it through a conversation without mentioning food and wine. Many of Italy’s top wine producers will be holding tastings around the country. In New York, The City of Venice will be promoting “Venice in New York”, a series of events on traditional Venetian food and even a display of ancient Venetian documents from 16th and 18th centuries on cooking.

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the art, culture, or entertainment of Italy but never had the chance, this is the perfect time to do it. For more events, dates, etc., visit

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